Renewable energy transition: campaign for home owners
for Drents Energieloket

I n the Netherlands, the emission reduction in order to mitigate climate change impacts is taking off slowly. In 2019, the Dutch Supreme Court ruled that the Dutch government should create more effective policies to reduce emissions (in the Urgenda case). One such policy was a subsidy for local Dutch municipalities to stimulate simple energy reduction measures by small home improvements, such as installing draft strips, water saving shower heads, LED light bulbs and smart thermostats.

The 12 municipalities in the Dutch province of Drenthe worked together for this project – and the overarching energy helpdesk (Drents Energieloket) was tasked with designing the communication campaign.

The project included setting up a full communication campaign aimed at all home owners in the province of Drenthe. A full communication strategy was set up, including branding, communication products, a campaign website, social media strategy and monitoring and evaluation system. Some elements of the campaign are shown below.

The campaign website can be visited here (in Dutch):

Communication campaign for home owners in the Dutch province of Drenthe.  

Drents Energieloket

Communication strategy, content strategy, branding, illustrations, folders, posters, press releases, social media images, monitoring and evaluation, etc.

Renewable energy transition, sustainable development, sustainability communication. 


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