Environmental Graphic Design for a better world

Science & Sustainability

We believe that science is crucial for progress, creating a sustainable planet, a circular economy, and mobilizing the people. It is the foundation we need to create a safer, cleaner and more efficient world. Communicating innovations, new studies and pressing conservation issues (and their solutions!) in an effective way is becoming increasingly important. We love using environmental graphic design for a better world!

Business & Sustainability

We keep sustainability in mind with every business decision we make:

  • Our energy mostly comes from solar panels
  • We use a green hosting provider
  • We use a sustainable bank
  • Our business cards and stationary are printed sustainably
  • We volunteer our time and skills to help change-making initiatives

We can now destroy or we can cherish – the choice is ours
(David Attenborough)



Visualising science for the bigger picture


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