Visualizing science for change

I believe that science is one of humanity’s most significant achievements – and crucial for the transition to a more sustainable society. Research should be accessible for everyone, and I help to achieve this through visual science communication.

In my work I strive to simplify, beautify and strategically share scientific findings with the world without compromising on the facts and messages. Visuals, graphics and charts are an essential part of communicating complex and controversial stories – and I love creating them.

How it all started

I started Significant in 2017. My increased concern for the health of our planet and ecosystems has driven me to focus my efforts on communicating sustainability, climate change, and the circular transition.

My Master degree in Science Communication and Bachelor degree in Marine Biology have prepared me to bridge the gap between science and society. Before starting Significant, I worked as a Biologist, Creative Manager at a data/design firm, Journalist, Dive Instructor and Science Design consultant.

Some unusual facts about me:

  • My first scuba dive was in a (very cold) Dutch lake when I was 11 years old. Being enveloped by water is still one of my favorite feelings.
  • Instead of looking at paintings, I prefer looking at the art of the oceans: nudibranchs. Nature never fails to give me inspiration in my work and life.
  • The smell of an old forest gives me chills, as does the sound of (good) piano music.
  • Cycling is my favorite mode of transport, followed closely by pensive train rides.
  • I could not live without thrift stores.

Creating ripple effects

I visualize important data, research and information by combining my scientific expertise and creative skill. I achieve this by working together with my clients every step of the way – and investing in lasting partnerships. 

My clients study the world

…and I love helping them make a difference, by communicating their work and findings.

I work for researchers and change-makers in the broadest definition of the word, and offer my services for individual scientists, research groups, Universities, companies, NGOs, governments and others. I am honored to work with many fantastic organizations and people.

I would love to hear from you!


Visual communication of science & sustainability

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