Visual communication of science, sustainability, environmental conservation and societal change.

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Science. Design. Impact.

My mission is to make the transition to a sustainable world visible, accessible and easy – by using effective visual communication. 

I always start with the science and study a topic thoroughly. From here I design concepts, visual stories and impactful products, such as infographics, maps, reports and illustrations. 

But there is more. I base my designs on models and theories from science communication, environmental psyhology and behavioral change – so they are not just appealing, but also enable change.

Why? Because I believe we should make sustainability (and the science behind it) accessible for everyone – and that honest and simple visuals are essential to achieve this. I create visuals that communicate science, facts and data in an easy way, to make saving the planet a bit more enjoyable.

About me

I’m a Biologist, Science Communicator and Graphic Designer – with a passion for sustainability, nature, and change.

I specialize in visualizing scientific research – with the goal of creating more support for sustainability, conservation and the circular transition.

With experience in the fields of science, journalism and graphic design, I have a unique combination of skills to visually communicate complex, scientific and controversial topics.

How I work

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I am committed to work for a better world. I want to bring about a wider uptake of concepts like sustainability, climate change and the circular economy – and draw attention to new scientific insights and innovations.

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I start with the science. By diving into the content I can give informed advice, help with building solid communication strategies, and design clear visuals that represent the content in a clean way, without compromising on the facts.

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I use the strengths of visual communication.  I produce visual communication plans, posters, infographics, diagrams and illustrations. If a product falls outside of the scope of my personal expertise, I have a large network of dedicated freelancers I regularly work with.

Recent projects

Infographics for UNESCO global report
for UNESCO / Tamlin Lockhart

Visualizing systems change
for Utrecht University / Centre for Global Challenges

Are you looking for a change-making visual, infographic, communication strategy, report, presentation, or other product? 



Visual communication of science & sustainability

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