Wadden Sea infographic: UNESCO world heritage 
for the Waddenvereniging

T he Wadden Sea is a young and dynamic ecosystem, situated along the coast of the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. The Wadden Sea is over 500 kilometers long and, on average, 20 kilometers wide. It is the biggest tidal flats and barrier island ecosystem in the world, making it a UNESCO World Heritage site. Many unique species thrive in this environment, that offers so many zones and habitats, ranging from salt marshes to marine and brackish areas.

In this infographic for the Waddenvereniging (Wadden foundation) the unique characteristics of the Wadden Sea ecosystem are shared: its ever-changing landscape, the dynamic interaction of the landscape and its inhabitants and the rare species that live there. Several iconic species are illustrated and accompanied by some interesting information about their adaptations.

The infographic is used to help Wadden Sea guides on their tours.

Infographic for de Waddenvereniging, collaboration with illustrator Kim Veenman

Infographic for digital use and printing.

UNESCO world heritage, marine conservation, Waddensea, science graphic design and illustration. 


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