Global pollinator decline: EU grant proposal figures
for Technical University of Munich

T he decline of pollinators around the globe is a worrying trend. This project aims to compare life history traits of both the declining species and the non-declining species, in order to discover the mechanisms involved in global pollinator decline.

 The image above shows how different pollinators might react to environmental changes, such as biodiversity loss. The “nutritional generalists” are able to survive in a less biodiverse habitat than the “nutritional specialists” (left image: A). Similarly, “behavioral generalists” have higher cognitive flexibility than “behavioral specialists”, which could make it easier for them to adapt (right image: B). 

The image below shows the overall setup of the project, including the type of data and studies it will include.

Graphics for EU grant proposal about global pollinator decline

2 visuals for use in grant proposal

Pollinator decline, Biodiversity, Ecology


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