Graphical abstracts: showcasing science
for PeerJ

PeerJ is an open access journal that publishes high-impact peer reviewed research articles, in the fields of Biological and Medical Sciences and Computer Science. In the final stages of publication, authors can choose to have a “graphical abstract” designed, which is published alongside their article and shows the key messages of their work.

Significαnt designs these graphical abstracts based on the research article and a summary from the author(s). The graphical abstracts can be targeted at fellow researchers, policymakers and/or the general public – depending on the author’s preferences.

Visualizing the findings of research articles can be a very helpful tool in sharing the key messages in a way that is insightful, inspiring and easy to digest. For policymakers and the public these infographics make science more appealing and easier to understand, but even within the scientific community graphical abstracts can add value by focusing on the main messages.

Two examples of graphical abstracts are shown below.

Visualising science: Graphical abstracts

Graphical abstracts for online publication of peer-reviewed articles

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